Sleeping Baby


There's no doubt about it: sleep is important. If your baby or toddler is having difficulty drifting off at bedtime, or perhaps they're up frequently during the night, why not contact me to see how I can help?

The most popular package I offer is the 'Personalised Sleep Plan Package'. This is suitable for babies aged 6 months plus, and provides the following:

  • A face to face consultation to examine your current circumstances, any particular issues you are having, and to give me the information needed to create your plan. 

  • You are invited to complete a sleep log which again, will inform me of your baby's current sleeping patterns. 

  • Once the consultation has been completed, I will devise a personalised sleep plan for you - this will be based specifically on your needs and preferences. 

  • You will receive 14 days of support, reassurance and trouble shooting via text or email. 

  • Finally, we will end with a follow up review of your plan. 

Other services I offer include: help with setting up your baby's routine, an examination and support with your bedtime and put down routine, as well as night nannying (on request).

'Kat has been such a help. We felt like we were a lost cause but she created a plan which was easy to stick to. Thank you so much.'