Frequently asked questions 


How long are classes?

Each class is around 40-45 minutes long.

What do I need?

Please bring a blanket for baby to lay on and something to massage baby with. This can be baby oil or your baby's favourite body lotion.

How do I book?

All booking is done online via the ‘book online’ tab at the top of this page.

What is baby massage?

Baby massage involves using gentle stroking movements on your baby's skin to promote relaxation and bonding. Baby massage can also help with colic, improved sleep and research even suggests it can promote development. 

What is baby reflexology?

Baby reflexology, like baby massage, involves using movements on the reflex points on the baby's feet. Baby reflexology works on the premise that different areas of the feet correspond to different parts of them body. Working these specific areas can help to lessen pain - such as teething. 

What if my baby cries during the class?

Please don’t panic or feel you need to leave should your baby cry during class

Can I feed my baby during class?

Absolutely!  We welcome breast and bottle feeding during class.

Can my partner/family member/friend come too?

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, we can only welcome one parent/carer per baby.

What training have you undertaken to assist you in developing these classes?

  • Bsc (Honours) Psychology with a focus on child development 

  • Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

  • Various education based CPD during my teaching career

  • Diploma in Baby Massage (EABT)

  • Diploma in Baby Reflexology (EABT)

  • Infection Control for Childhood Settings 

  • Previous experience of running a parent and baby group 

What are the benefits in coming to a class?

  • As a parent, you can meet other local parents and begin to build a support network

  • Helps to build a bond between parent and baby

  • Social development for baby by seeing other faces and experiencing new sounds

  • Skill development – baby can develop gross and fine motor skills

  • Attending class can help you to establish a routine with your baby